Wi-Fi Connections for Hotels

5G may be getting all the buzz, but for property owners, Wi-Fi 6 is much more relevant. Wi-Fi 6 is the term used to describe the next iteration of Wi-Fi, a faster, more efficient connection enabled through new technologies. Wi-Fi 6 is about 30% faster than our current Wi-Fi. This might not sound that impressive at first glance, but considering how many devices we’re adding to our Wi-Fi networks, the increase in speed is dramatic.

Like 5G, WiFi 6 will have obvious implications for guests who use their smartphones to book and manage their stay. But beyond the guest experience, hotels can take advantage of faster Wi-Fi to power all those streaming, tablet, and voice-activated devices. With Wi-Fi 6, your property can leverage in-room technology to provide better service, driving positive guest reviews and repeat business. Smart thermostats, smart speakers, and smart locks will all perform better with the adoption of Wi-Fi 6 over the next five years.

wi-fi connections for hotels

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